Bigger, fatter IPL 2024 set to rock and roll



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It seems like yesterday. MS Dhoni was the first player sold at the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction, on February 20, 2008, in Mumbai. At that time, the value of US $1.5 million spent by Chennai Super Kings was much more than it is now.

Today, players go for crazy sums even in the mini auctions, which, some feel, defy market logic. At the same time, some players are chased like blue chips on bourses. When the first auction happened, the late Peter Roebuck, former Somerset captain and well-known cricket writer, described the auction like “cattle sale.”

Roebuck is no more, but those who have followed the IPL over the last 16 years will agree, the world’s premier domestic T20 league is a massive show-stopper. A bigger, fatter IPL has been the trend. It’s not just a cricket match, the IPL attracts attention from several angles including business, entertainment and commerce.

In all these years, one man, described by some as “old,” stays relevant, “Thalaiva” MS Dhoni. The IPL has seen him in many avatars and the 2024 version evokes passion, as his side Chennai Super Kings takes on Royal Challengers Bengaluru in the opener in Chennai.

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As a brand, the IPL has not just survived. The competition withstood a massive economic recession in 2009. When pay cuts were the norm and business suffered, IPL absorbed the shock. Yes, it was hit by controversies as well, like the ugly spot-fixing incident in 2013.

But a lot of it has been forgotten and the IPL has given all other sports leagues a run for their money. Football leagues in England and Europe, plus the latest trend of Saudi Arabia splurging petro dollars make big news. So does the Saudi investment in LIV Golf, a rival to the PGA Tour.

This is where the beauty of IPL lies. It has become so massive, that other formats of cricket around the world have paled into insignificance. For romantic relics, county cricket was the biggest thing in the English summer. The traditional home of cricket had to reinvent the wheel, leading to the birth of The Hundreds.

Even the worst critic who said in 2008 that IPL would not last was made to eat humble pie. As the latest edition takes off, what is beautiful is how the IPL has become the most loved by cricketers, public, fans and even broadcasters.

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What the IPL has contributed should not be measured in just monetary terms. Yes, it has made players rich. So much so, some don’t want to play any other format. After all, West Indies star Chris Gayle loved IPL more than the cricket back home. For their part, the BCCI and IPL worked together to ensure that no such situation arise in India leading to club over country.

If Indian cricket is seeing so many stars across formats, the role of the IPL has been massive. Names of Yashasvi Jaiswal, Rinku Singh, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohd Siraj come readily to the mind. All of them have played in the IPL and then proved themselves as India stars.

Many more will emerge from IPL 2024 and they could knock on the doors of selection for the ICC T20 World Cup to be held in the United States and West Indies. Naysayers, who laughed at the IPL some years ago, now agree there is so much at stake in the IPL. Careers depend on it, and that’s no exaggeration.

After all, performance in this IPL will count, as the BCCI and selectors will keep an eye on many like Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul. Even a legend like Virat Kohli is aware, his return to cricket after a long break, is much anticipated. The debate over whether Kohli needs to perform in IPL to be in reckoning for the T20I team has already been dissected. At the same time, many eyes will also be on two big guys from Mumbai Indians — new captain Hardik Pandya and former captain Rohit Sharma.

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In the initial years of the IPL, youngsters from India may have been afraid when they competed against the big names from overseas like Adam Gilchrist, Kevin Pietersen, Ricky Ponting, not to forget Shane Warne, whose romance with Rajasthan Royals is well chronicled. Now, the narrative has changed. The IPL has produced fearless Indian batters, bowlers as well as improved the fielding standards by miles.

Can the IPL get bigger? Yes, it can. Not just in terms of money, advertising, turnover and valuation, the IPL is set to boom further. If, a few years ago, TV serials became redundant during prime time, now Netflix and similar stuff will be competing hard with IPL. And the best part, one does not need a TV to watch IPL now. You can capture the megawatt action even on the move by watching matches on cell phones, tabs and laptops.

Last but not the least, with the General Elections schedule announced, the IPL will manage its own match schedule as well. No shifting the event out of India, which is a big plus. And the way new infrastructure has been created across India, with more cricket stadia on the map, the IPL needs to be thanked.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for another crazy ride in IPL 2024.

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[[{“value”:”It seems like yesterday. MS Dhoni was the first player sold at the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction, on February 20, 2008, in Mumbai. At that time, the value of…
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